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General Terms of Use
The Terms of Use are established between the user of the Website and OGcodes.club ("Website") including mirror domains associated with OGcodes.co By using this website, the user agrees to and is bound by all terms and conditions of use, which must be observed at all times and in all courts. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, you may not use this site in any form. Materials from this site (e.g. text, videos and images) may NOT be used without permission!

Usage License
The user may not:
* Modify or copy any website material
* Use website material for its own purposes (whether commercial or not)
* Decompile or try to decompile parts of the page
* Notes on the page or change the license agreement
* Transfer website material to other people.

Access to this site may be denied at any time if the Terms of Use are not followed. In the event of non-compliance, all downloaded data must be removed from this site immediately, whether electronically or in print.

General provisions
The materials on OGcodes.club correspond to the current status. OGcodes.club makes no warranties in any form and expressly disclaims any claim to warranty. Functionality and topicality of the materials are not guaranteed. The user is liable for any damage caused by the use of the website.

In no event shall OGcodes.club be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of the use or misuse of the site, whether financial or consequential. This applies even if OGcodes.club or an authority of the site is informed. Your use of the site is at your own risk!

OGcodes.club materials may contain technical, typographical or pictorial errors. OGcodes.club does not warrant that the Materials are complete, functional or current. OGcodes.club may make changes at any time without notice. However, OGcodes.club is under no obligation to update Materials.

OGcodes.club has no influence on sites that link to OGcodes.club. These sites are responsible for their own content. A link from another site does not mean that OGcodes.club supports that site. The use of such sites is at your own risk!

Offers and subscriptions
The use of OGcodes.club may make it necessary to fill in a third party offer. OGcodes.club has no control over the third party offers displayed as they are selected differently by country. Some offers are linked to a subscription. The user takes the costs from the respective page (domain) of the offer provider. The exact conditions, for example for cancellation, are also taken directly from the provider, OGcodes.club cannot make any reliable statements about this. The user agrees to fill out such an offer when using this site at its conditions. The user is aware that there may be costs and that these may be repeated (subscription). Options for termination can only be taken from the provider of the offer. Any advertising videos and other forms of advertising or content on OGcodes.club are only exemplary and are not representative for your own use of the site, this applies in particular to information on termination (since each offer can be different from the example). Advertising examples or evaluations (especially from outside sites) regarding the free offer are not necessarily valid, depending on the chosen offer. In any case, the user bears the consequences of the offer based on its explicit terms of use.

Terms of Use Changes
OGcodes.club may change the Terms of Use at any time without notice. By using the site, the user agrees to the current terms.

Third parties
OGcodes.club is not associated with the respective owners of the registered trademarks. OGcodes.club is a community site that offers various codes and digital items purchased through third party vendors. The rights owners of the protected trademarks do not provide support for the use of OGcodes.club.

OGcodes.club offers digital codes and items that have been specially purchased. The offer is strictly limited, i.e. there is no guarantee for current availability. We are not responsible for how many codes are available and do not have to provide any guarantee. The user is aware that availability may vary from day to day.

Website Materials
Videos, texts and images are materials of the website. For the content of videos, images and text that are not on the site but link to the site OGcodes.club we assume no liability, for the content of these materials are responsible its authors. Experiences of other users of the site do not have to correspond to their own experience, as this site is subject to constant changes.

Privacy statement

Data protection is important to us. According to the regulations we define which data will be collected and used. This serves the data protection explanation.

* OGcodes.club does not collect or store any personal data!
* ATTENTION: Data collected by third party providers, such as for the completion of the offer (eg subscription) are subject to the data protection of the relevant site and have their own privacy statement, which the user must take from the provider. These data, such as telephone number, are not logged or stored by us.

For all external links the data protection regulations of the external websites apply!

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